If you are anything like me, you will be bombarded with emails from tomorrow evening and most will be binned. I can't compete with business. Activemen Clothinig is a small sports retailer based in Cardiff in the UK selling predominantly online. Well we thought why not launch our sale early and we will do this every year. WOW WEDNESDAY! We'll leave you alone then on Friday (as long as we get some sales!).

 Activemen Clothing launched its online business in May 2018 selling sportswear for men and focusing on fitness/gym clothing, yoga for men, cycling, swimwear and underwear with an emphasis on undiscovered, quality sporting brands. Initially we went with #undiscovered but have struggled with new brands that can not provide any material to sell their products. For instance, we launched RHUX in the UK and Europe but the owners can not provide any information regarding the brand i.e. what is their USP? What is their story? What inspired the owner? What is their market position? Very hard to sell online without this information but sell well in-store as customers can touch and feel and see the quality.

 NIKU is a wonderful South African underwear brand popular in its domestic market. The support I get from the brand is superb, if you are following our Instagram account activemen_clothing you'll see some of the marketing imagery prepared for our site and sent over.

 Our bestsellers are track pants from Physiq Apparel and also Pursue Fitness. The quality and price of their track pants in my opinion is far better than the three big sportswear brands. 2020 will see an increased focus here.

 The sale is a good time to try a new brand. Rhone is an American sportswear brand based in Utah with origins in the Great Outdoors. The founder hiked a lot and wanted some quality mens hiking gear and ended up launching the business which is often used as a comparison, a benchmark, in social media in the USA but hardly known in the UK. Those that know the brand are amazed that they are not well known on this side of the Atlantic. Their pricing is at the higher end but the quality workmanship, the fabrics used and the hidden little design quirks justify the pricing. Activemen Clothing also sells at a price below what Rhone sell in the UK.

 Vel-Oh are inspired by the two owners cycling in London. The business has now moved to the Baltic States as one of the owners is from the area. All the products are hand-made and distinctive and I have marked them all down for the sale.

 I could go on or you could click on the below link and check out the deals for yourself;


Dayle Parfitt (founder and director)

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