Why We Love Björn Borg’s Pants

Why We Love Björn Borg’s Pants

Gentlemen, your underpants are generally the first thing you put on in the morning and the last thing you take off at night time.  In fact, men’s underwear is the one garment (unless your inclined to go commando) that lays right on top of your prized possessions! This is why, at Activemen Clothing, we recommend to our customers that they should invest in quality underwear for comfort, durability and which look flattering too.

Importantly, good quality underwear is made from material that moves with you as you work, rest and play and are particularly comfortable when working out or during any sports or training event.  

There’s no doubt, as supported by all leading men’s underwear brands, that trunks are the pants to wear. Unlike briefs or boxers, trunks stay up, offer a snugger fit than any other type of underpants, and most importantly, don’t shift around your body when you’re on the move.

The Undiscovered Björn Borg Collection

One of Activemen Clothing’s most popular ‘undiscovered brands’ is the Björn Borg Collection which includes a range of quality underwear as well as fashion, sports clothing.

Originally developed in Sweden, the native country of Björn Borg himself,  the aim behind the brand was to build a top quality sports fashion range for active people, with a focus on sportswear and complementary underwear for the active man. 

The trademark of these designs include the trade mark Björn Borg waistband, which is designed to last as well as look great on young men who prefer to wear their jeans well below the waist line, and the choice of explosive prints and vibrant patterns like the Le Louvre shorts or the Mystic flower design.  

Why we love Björn Borg’s pants

There are many reasons why our customers love Björn Borg’s pants including:

  • Quality fibres and materials: these trunks come in a choice of fabrics including microfibre jersey for superior comfort or a soft cotton stretch fabric. Some of the trunks are designed specifically for sports men like the Tonal Camo wicking, hydro-pro shorts. 
  • Comfort: due to the materials, the design and the cut of these trunks, they are perfect for every day activities whether you’re stuck behind a desk or heading out for a run. What’s more the flat seams will prevent chafing or abrasions and the front pouch is designed avoid bulk under your trousers or sports shorts.
  • Durability: the soft, branded waistband not only sits comfortably on the waist, but it won’t lose elasticity like cheaper brands. Due to the quality materials, the trunks will last far longer than budget briefs and won’t lose their colour after several washes.
  • Flattering look:  the Björn Borg brand of underwear is something you want to wear and show off, and not just something you have to wear.

Björn Bjorg from Activemen Clothing

In short gents, when making your next underwear purchase, we advise you avoid buying the budget brands that don’t last long and don’t make you look great either!  Our Björn Borg range of underpants will make you look great in the changing room or, dare we say it, in the bedroom too.  In fact, they may even create an interesting talking point.

Activemen Clothing stocks a wide range of these Björn Borg trunks which range in price from £15 to £25.  We also stock packs of three trunks for just £35 along with a selection of the Björn Borg sports clothing.

To view our full range and place your first order, visit our website

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