White T-Shirts for the Active Man

White T-Shirts for the Active Man

White t-shirtThis humble staple has been inconified by stars such as Marlon Brando and James Dean.  And there’s no doubt that the white t-shirt is a definitive addition to our wardrobe that you can always count on.  A plain white t-shirt can take you from the office to the beach. Every man should have at least one great white t-shirt. Ideally, he should have a drawer full. Because, whether you pair it with a pair of jeans or loose-fitting suit, a white t-shirt works with anything. 

History of the White t-shirt

Originally deemed underwear as part of an all-in-one undergarment, the white tee separated itself at the end of the nineteenth century when two-piece underwear became popular amongst men of the era. Nevertheless, it was around the time of World War I in 1913 when the white t-shirt truly came into its own. Issued as an undergarment for British and American naval personnel, it kept sailors’ arms free for deck work aboard their ships, and was worn alone to avoid soiling their uniforms. In the Navy it became known as a “Gob Shirt”.

After World War II the white T-shirt became a standalone piece. Deemed acceptable as an ‘outerwear’ garment, it was often worn in place of a casual buttoned shirt. Its military heritage bought with it a certain amount of machismo, another reason for the white T-shirt’s enduring popularity. Yet it’s the basic white t-shirt’s simple design, versatility and blank-page quality that resonates across generations and men from all walks of life. Its ability to denote a hard-working-class status, symbolise rebellion, athleticism and sexiness all at once is what separates this menswear essential from the rest of the crowd.

Choosing the best white t-shirt

White t-shirtThe key, though, is wearing the right white tee, not just whatever was on offer at your local supermarket. One that flatters your physique but isn’t indecent. One that doesn’t go grey after two wears. And, most importantly, one whose neckline doesn’t veer towards your navel.To help you make the right choice, take a look at our top three quality white tee’s from our range of undiscovered brands and you will always have something great to wear.

  • Perfect fit: a timeless classic, the Björn Borg Berny Tee is made from 100% Organic Cotton in a variety of colours including white, featuring a stylish and iconic large BORG logo embroidered print on the chest.
  • Fitness freak: Pursue Fitness was set up by a young guy in the North of England whose love of the gym led to the development of this T-shirt. The Breatheasy technology used in this fitted white T-shirt has been the constant in their product line-up due to a combination of styling that is perfect for a workout or to wear out, and classic simplicity. The breathable polyester blend absorbs any excess moisture whilst doing your cardio.The material has a feel that resembles lycra, almost silk and feels great on the skin.
  • Everyday wear: this So We Flow logo T-shirt simply ebbs and flows. Cut from lightweight, super-soft organic cotton in a casual fit. With flat, non-abrasive seams and underarm panelling for unrestricted movement.
  • Classic white: The Supreme T-Shirt from Physiq Apparel is a unique design due to its universal, physique accentuating shape, ideal for in and outside the gym. The unique stretch fit fabric keeps you cool and the high quality construction is ready for any challenge you take.

Coloured Tee’s from Activemen Clothing

If you prefer a bit of colour, then why not check out this range of fitted tee’s from the Björn Borg Collection, as we’re convinced we have the right colour for you



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