Top 10 Summer Clothing Picks

Top 10 Summer Clothing Picks

Love it or hate it, summer is still here. This heat wave has been more of a long goodbye. Usually it’s like a passing stream from the Gulf. One sweated blink and you’ve missed it.

We’ve a list of must have and must wear items for you to add to your summer wardrobe. These pieces have been selected with a mixture of coolness, comfort and creativity in mind.


Cycle Your Wardrobe

With the Tour De France recently over, now is the time to trend in on cycling clothing. With most items designed for efficiency, our cycling kit exudes the perfect snugness to show off those toned thighs and tight torso. Our PRIMAL Shape Up Evo Cycling Jersey exudes all that with a sprinkling of style. It brings an eclectic and funky pattern into the mix, dare we say it, no Bike is needed with this. If you can rock this bike less, then you can rock anything.


Enhancing Swim Wear

Slip into some short swim shorts to enjoy the summer weather with our NIT Fox Slip Shorts. A low square cut designed to show off the thighs and enhance a toned torso. Looking good at the beach or styled at the pool has never been so easy. With 6 colours to choose from, you can select the right shade of Yay!


Viable Vests

Sun’s out, gun’s out; or even just for the gym. Our BLUEBUCK Vests are perfect to add style to any gym session. A body contouring fit – these vests keep it classy. A contrasting coloured trim along the neck and shoulder line adds tailored texture to the t-shirt. Our fit makes you ‘fitter’.


Back to Black

You can’t beat a plain black T, so we won’t try too. This Lifestyle Supreme T-Shirt from PHYSIQ hugs in all the right places, so you can show off your physique in the right ‘places’ too. A casual yet cool summer look, which this t-shirt delivers in spades.


A Basic Brief

White briefs are back, ‘were they ever in?’ – well - they are now. These BLUEBUCK TRIPLE WHITE BRIEF offer style in the simplest of fashions. A comfortable fitting brief with an understated style, that only the lucky ones will ever get to see.


Style Out Your Shorts

To add some colour to your wardrobe and to reflect some of the summer sun’s sublime rays – you’ll like our RHUX Short Swim Trunks KOKO. Not for the faint-hearted, these swim shorts can be worn around the pool and further afield (if you dare). Bold and beautiful shorts that will captivate and catch some admiring glances.


Jog On

Our PURSUE FITNESS Pro-Fit Sport Joggers, in their two-tone style are both tight and textured – adding definition to any legs out there. With a tapered fit, these jogger ooze style from torso to toe!


Yearn for Yoga

To add some Ying to your Yoga Yang – these GO SOFTWEAR Vintage Yoga Short stretch to your will. Adding extra comfort to your Child’s pose or more suppleness to your Sphinx.


Perfect Pants

Our SO WE FLOW... Twill Longs are perfect for a casual look or yoga session. From street to studio in one fell swoop. These organic cotton trousers offer a tapered fit, so you’ll look and feel good. Included with functional pockets where Fundamental meets Fashion.



Herding the rest of the ensemble, we come to our PURSUE FITNESS Icon Tapered Jacket.  A plain zipped hoody offering up a classic one tone trend. Perfect for when you want to blend in, rather than stand out.


To summarise our summer selection. We have classic and contemporary, all under one roof. Head to our Swim, Cycle, Gym, Yoga or Underwear section to browse at your pleasure.


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