The Story of Activemen Clothing

The Story of Activemen Clothing

 And we’re live!

After an incredible year of brainstorming, planning, and plain hard-work, Activemen Clothing is officially live. We’ve been busy carefully selecting a complementary range of activewear brands from all the corners of the globe, but you won’t find a plain-white-tee or simple joggers on our site. All of the pieces on have been chosen for their fashion-first approach. We’ve brought together the world’s best undiscovered activewear brands and we’re so excited to continue our adventure and discover even more.

So how did Activemen Clothing come to be? Well listen up, here is our story. 

A long time ago, Dayle, the founder of Activemen Clothing, was spending a year living in Vancouver. But London was calling. After the initial excitement of living and working in the Big Smoke, Dayle realised that he had joined the rat race, just like everyone else. Towards the end of 1999 as the millennium was approaching, he thought that if the world’s computer systems were about to crash and planes were about the fall from the sky, he may as well witness the end of the world from the other side of the world, and so set off for Australia to see 2000 in. But Australia isn’t somewhere that is easy to leave so Dayle explored the country for a few months and stayed until the Sydney Olympics.

But then it was back to the rat race of London.

Growing up on a mountain in Wales, Dayle began to long for the fresh outdoors. But if he wanted to put the rat race lifestyle behind him, Dayle would need to find something else to do in Wales to fill his time. With the outdoors always at the back of his mind, Dayle would often visit Wales - hiking through the hillside, kayaking on the rivers, or just spending the evening enjoying the sunsets from some of the world’s best beaches (we’re not kidding, Wales really does have some of the most amazing beaches in the world).

But when it came to what to wear whilst enjoying these activities, Dayle was stumped. With a background in fashion retail, boring t-shirts and plain black jogging bottoms just didn’t cut it. Exercise doesn’t have to be boring so why should the clothing be? Dayle loved bright, latin colours and mediterranean prints but the high street only seemed to offer the same four main activewear brands. The brands he loved were hidden away and hard to access - there was no chance of them ever making it to the high street stores and having their own stores in the UK just wasn’t viable for them. But what if all these small, unique, undiscovered brands could be brought together in one place?

Back in London, the choice between squashing onto a crowded tube twice a day or cycling to work through the countryside was an easy one. Dayle left London for good to begin work on and hasn’t looked back since! brings all those independent, unique and undiscovered men’s activewear brands together into one site. But we are more than just a website. Activemen Clothing is a lifestyle brand focused on bringing the best fashion sportswear to men that don’t want ‘boring’. We only stock the highest quality brands and are so excited to have launched with Rhux, Mounk, and Niku amongst others. We’re even supported by Business Wales and Welsh ICE so we’re certain that Activemen Clothing will be speeding from strength to strength.

If you’re not already following us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, then make sure you do! But otherwise, we hope you enjoy taking a peek around. Don’t forget to tag us in your gym selfies - you’ll be the most fashionable one in the room!

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