Setting the Standard for Quality Sportswear and Leisurewear

Setting the Standard for Quality Sportswear and Leisurewear

Physiq ApparelThere’s no doubt, quality sportswear has become increasingly more popular, with professional athletes wearing and endorsing top brands.  What’s more, sportswear is now commonly worn as everyday clothing by many men and women and not just when participating in any form of sport or exercise.  In short, sportswear has become trendy and not just functional, so quality of fabric, cut, style and colour choices are becomingly increasingly important.

However, when it comes sportswear for athletes, technical developments are being introduced all the time to help athletes to train smarter and to improve their performance.

Specific Sportswear

Your everyday clothing such as cotton t-shirts, fashion tracksuit bottoms and hoodies are all designed to look good, be comfortable, and to keep you warm. They’re not necessarily designed for high-intensity activities such as cycling, running, or gym workouts.

We’ve all been in the situation where we’ve worn an everyday t-shirt for exercise. Very quickly it becomes soaked through and weighs you down, causing unnecessary distractions and harder work for you!

This is one of the many reasons why professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts wear highly technical, functional sportswear. The comfortable feel and fit really adds a touch of ‘luxury’ to your workout.

The highest quality sportswear has been carefully created to offer the best support for your muscles, helping you train harder, for longer, and to recover quicker.

New smart sportswear can also increase blood circulation and regulate body temperature during exercise. Along with wicking away moisture, it will allow you to say goodbye to that overheated, sweaty, stuffy feeling during a workout. If you haven’t tried it already, you should.

Quality Sportswear for All

This specialist sportswear, especially clothing developed for specific sports, is fine for dedicated, performance athletes.  But what about your everyday man or woman who is looking for comfortable, quality sportswear that looks and feels equally as good in the gym or when out and bout.

Activemen Clothing stocks a range of top, undiscovered sports brands that tick the boxes for all of the above criteria.

These include Physiq Apparel, a leading British brand of undiscovered sporstwear and leisure clothing.  Founded five years ago, Physiq Apparel was designed to meet the demand for quality, reasonably priced fitness clothing which works equally as well as lifestyle wear. 

At Activemen Clothing we are delighted to stock a selection of Physiq Apparel clothing for men including t-shirts, bottoms and hoodies. These are products have been  refined right down to the technical materials and features to create unrivalled fitness clothing which also look great as leisurewear.

Pursue FitnessPursue Fitness is another brand stocked by Activemen Clothing that is suitable for gym, sports and general lifestyle.  Developed in Manchester, the idea behind this brand was based on the mantra ‘built to inspire’. Ideal for people who love to run, walk, train or play sports, Pursue Fitness provides a top quality fit using high grade materials for the active man or woman, including an underwear range.

Take a look at our full range of sports and leisurewear brands at our online shop,

Physiq Apparel

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