Rhone - Made for Men Activewear Clothing

Rhone - Made for Men Activewear Clothing

Rhone activewear The name says its all.  Activemen Clothing constantly strives to identify the best in the global market for men who like to stay active with comfortable, performance enhancing clothing.   One of our most popular brands which perfectly fits this category is Rhone, premium ‘made for men’ activewear which was launched in the US five years ago.

With the mantra: ‘Made for Men – Fit for Kings’, the aim behind the Rhone brand is to fill a gap in the men’s activewear market between the cheaper High Street and online sportswear brands and professional athletes sportswear.  

What truly sets Rhone apart when it comes to activewear are a number of key features such as the evaporative cooling Polartec Delta  fabric used in the manufacture of their t-shirts.  This fabric is engineered with unique surface constructions that prolongs the body’s natural cooling ability and reduces friction touch points for greater comfort. The fabric also provides excellent UV protection UPF 50.   The incredible fit of the clothing is also a huge selling point; It’s like the difference between wearing an off-the-rack suit compared to a made-to-measure one. Once you’ve worn Rhone during your workout, run, match or any other physical activity, you’ll never go back to your old brands!

This combination of excellent fit and exceptional performance properties has been achieved through Rhone’s statement seamless t-shirt design for example, which they have taken to the next level with the introduction of the Method Seamless style which is a key feature of their Glacier, Reign and Sentry t-shirts. 

Meeting the Needs of Millenials

TRhone activewear he Rhone brand of activewear, is a classic example of how the sportswear industry has changed over the past five years.  Workout clothing has evolved from baggy jogging pants and gym shorts, into sleek, fashionable attire designed for everyday wear as well as for sports or working out. According to a report published by Hitwise, Millenials are prepared to spend far more on leisure brands like Rhone, with activewear representing 17% of the apparel market in the US alone.  In fact, activewear is now a lifestyle for this generation.

With this activewear tidal wave set to continue in coming years, fashion-oriented brands like Rhone, who offer performance enhancing fabric blends along with improved fit and comfort, will continue to thrive. 

Rhone Design Expertise

Rhone activewear he reason that Rhone has been one of our best sellers from the word go is down to the company’s approach to design and use of fabric.  They produce the best anti-odour and anti-stink shirts for men who work out; and the most comfortable and fashionable workout and running shorts. To put this quality into context, three years ago, Forbes published that, “Rhone has firmly cemented itself as 2016’s hottest men’s activewear brand.”

In addition to the Rhone range of t-shirts, Activemen Clothing also stocks a choice of Rhone shorts, including the Rhone 7” Guru Unlined brand; the ‘close to perfect’ Rhone SilverTech No Show socks; and the Rhone Sequoia 1/4 Zip Jacket.

If you’re an active man, looking for quality, performance enhancing, well fitting, fashionable activewear, then check out the full range of Rhone clothing on our website https://activemenclothing.com/collections/rhone

Rhone Activewear

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