Our Short List of Summer Shorts

Our Short List of Summer Shorts

Activemen clothing brandsWith this summer’s forecast set to beat last year’s sizzler, the time is ripe to stock up on quality shorts to see you through the summer months.  As that one pair that you always drag from the darkest depths of your laundry basket every year are already looking pretty tired, we’ve come up with our top five favourite Activemen Clothing shorts brands.  So, whether you need swimming trunks, shorts for running or shorts to wear to work we’ve got you covered.

Best Shorts for the Weekend

Activemen Clothing shortsInspired by the Californian street style, the Björn Borg L.A August Shorts are high performance training shorts which can also be worn as casual streetwear.  These shorts will also wear well into the autumn (as long s your legs can stand the chill). You can dress them up[ with a plain shirt buttoned all the way up and a chunky deck shoe or keep it simple with a plain crew neck T-shirt and your favourite trainers.

These shorts come in a 4-way woven stretch fabric and Hydro Pro material, which wicks moisture away from the skin to keep you dry and comfortable during the hot summer months. They also come with inner pocket construction and side pockets, and a bold and iconic 5cm signature waistband which comes in a choice of three colours.

Activemen Clothing price: £31 (saving £4)

Best Shorts for Running

Activemen Clothing shortsPerfect for running as well as other sports and fitness exercises, the popular Pursue Fitness 8” sports shorts are created to sit knee length and come in a relaxed fit ensuring there is more room to move. They are perfect for the man who likes to run as they are lightweight, made from 100% polyster with a slight stretch fit.  T

These sports shorts also come with deep zipped side pockets with custom technical zippers, so you can easily store your keys and mobile phone whilst on the run.

Due to their length, these shorts can also be worn after your run with a shirt or tee if you fancy a refreshing drink with your mates.  They come in four colours, including the very popular Khaki and four different sizes.

Activemen Clothing price: £32

Best Shorts for Swimming

The quality and the cut of NIT products is the reason why NIT is one of our favourite swimwear brands.

Activemen Clothing shortsThe cut on the NIT Oscar Bermuda short is no exception; it sits low on the waist, so you don’t have any skin bulge or ‘muffin-top’ hanging over the top, and has a long, square cut perfect for the beach, the pool and to wear straight off the beach. The quick dry material means that you can put your wallet and phone away as the Oscar Bermuda short has two deep pockets, so you sit back in a beach bar and not worry about losing either.  

We called these ‘shorts you can swim in’ – not trunks. And that’s exactly what they are, proper beach to bar shorts, perfect for any summer holiday destination or simply to wear whilst strolling along sunny promenades.

Activemen Clothing price: £38.99 (saving £6)

Best Shorts for the Gym

These shorts Activemen Clothing shortsmay look simple at first glance, but they are most unique in design! Our popular and best-selling workout short by American Jock has an 11” outer side seam for guys who like their shorts to look and feel like, shorts. Loose cut at the legs for ultimate mobility during workouts with a jockstrap ingeniously designed and implemented into the garment (not removable) cups your privates in comfort.

These shorts all come with an inner drawcord waist for easy adjustment and the fabric is 100% breathable flat mesh polyester. 

Again, the cut and style of these shorts are so good that you can wear them easily with a t-shirt if you just want to pop down for lunch at the pool or local beach bar.

Activemen Clothing price: £32.99

Best Short for Yoga

Activemen Clothing shortsThese Go Software Vintage Yoga shorts have been designed with that specific exercise in mind and prove that you can look stylist and comfortable whilst doing the plank or the downward facing dog moves. Although they have been designed with Yoga in mind, these shorts are also great for lounging around the garden or pool.

The vintage style short comes in five great colours, including the very fashionable Mediterranean shade of Olive.  The rich colour palette and softness is achieved through a special wash and dye process rendering it an easy to wear, trendy garment.

Activemen Clothing price: £39.99

Undiscovered Brands

These top five brands of shorts are just a small selection of the amazing undiscovered brands offered by Activemen Clothing.  Other best sellers include the Stridez brand designed for guys with large quads and the Bluebuck Swim shorts which are made from 100% recycled plastic.

To view our full range of shorts, sportswear and other active men clothing, visit our website at 


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