Movember and Motivational Alternatives

Movember and Motivational Alternatives

Movember to start

As Movember approaches, people, well men (mostly) will be gearing up to push their mustache where it’s never been before. Dreams of a Tom Selleck beauty abound, when in reality an unkempt look manifests itself where a mustache should be!

Dreams dashed, it’s all just a bit of fun anyway. Growing awareness for testicular cancer is what counts, and if one silly billy effort of a mustache gets one more gentleman to check his tackle, then the Movember mission is truly accomplished.

Activemen Clothing is here to brighten up your day and suggest some cool gadgets, concepts and lifestyle adaptations to try in November too. Keep your thoughts away from the growing pains of the tash right in front of you.

Workout At Work

Have you got all the gear and no idea. Owning gym clothing that has never seen the inside of a sports centre, gym or even a park?! Worry no more, you can actually use what your casual gym wear is for, as Cubi Jnr brings the gym to your office. Where the moisture wicking, cooling effect of your clothing will be put to good use.

Sitting at your desk for a few hours will be sure to make you feel sluggish. What better way to counteract that by using the Cubi Jnr, which has been designed as a discreet, under the desk mini stepper/elliptical - allowing you to gently exercise while you work. Work while working out! You can wear your ‘pedal pushers’, lightweight tops and breathable fabrics.

Sit Up And Take Notice

Unless you can convince your employer to get you a standup desk, or even one of the more pricey treadmill/bike desks, sitting down for the majority of the day is unavoidable.

However, we sat up and took notice of the Zero-Gravity Upright Posture Cushion from Zero Gravity. This cushion promises to instantly help office workers upgrade their workstation. It’s adaptable and works on almost any seat to reduce fatigue, pain and even stress - that can be caused from extended periods of sitting down.

The Zero-Gravity Upright Posture Cushion not only reduces the bad effects of sitting, it can help strengthen your core muscles. Over a period of time this will help to reduce the instances of shoulder, neck and back pain totally.

Trackers Are Evolving

Neck and Neck

In recent times, we have seen the evolution of a clip on step counter; to fitbits, smart watches and beyond. Although the recent wrist accessories are more contemporary, looking cooler and blending in better, there are still consumers who won’t buy/wear these as they stand out, or feel they clash with their outfit/clothing.

Worry. No. More. Step forward the Opter Pose. The Opter Pose is a replica piece of jewellery that can either be worn around the neck or clipped onto your clothing. It’s an effective way to track your UV exposure, posture, sleep and general activity. The device can be a wonderful fashion accessory, and is a lot more subtle than current wrist incarnations. Matching style with the informational substance.

Ring To It

If a ring is more your thing, style wise, then look no further than the Focus-Shifting fitness rings from Motiv. To quote TechCrunch, could potentially represent "the beginnings of liberation from the tyranny of the wrist."

Admittey the ring being a smaller device it has less room for a battery and forgoes a display. It is still able to carry out the fundamental functions consumers are looking for, These include: resting heart rate, calories, distant, sleep time and steps. The related app measure things in time spent moving, which can be a refreshing change of approach to just looking at absolute distances covered. Made out of titanium, it’s more rock n roll than heavy metal!

Conclude With Charity

Now, to retouch on Movember and finish with a charity angle. Most people exercise for their own benefit - whether it’s health, competitive or for aesthetics reasons; you can do all that still and more with the charitable Atlas Run app. This app enables runners to help contribute to non-profit charities simply by running your own race and putting down as many miles as you would normally.

While you workout, it works by matching runners with corporate sponsors. In exchange for representation on the app, these sponsors will donate a small amount of money per mile to charities such as Social Advocates for Youth. Atlas helping the global charities. There are plenty more charity apps where they came from too. You may look like a 118 runner with your new (not improved) mustache, but you’ll feel that much better by knowing you’re helping others, while helping yourself!

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