Making Stridez With Shorts for Big Quads

Making Stridez With Shorts for Big Quads

Sridez Shorts At Activemen Clothing, our mission is to find undiscovered sports and leisurewear for men that break the boundaries when it comes to comfort, flexibility and style.  We stock brands from all over the globe and we are proud to be a stockist of a special home-grown Welsh brand of men’s swim and sports shorts, called Stridez.

Stridez was launched by Jordan Bishop, a 23-year old rugby and children’s sports coach who had struggled over the years to find a pair of swimming shorts that were comfortable with his regular-sized waist and large thighs.  He realised, that within the rugby fraternity in particular, there must be a demand for a pair of shorts that fit around larger thigh, without falling down and which weren’t catered for by the men’s fashion industry.  This is particularly relevant at the moment with the current 6 Nations French and English teams boasting some of the heaviest packs since the game began!

Stridez Design

Stridez shorts The design of the Stridez shorts are made with a more relaxed fit around the leg allowing better comfort and more space, whilst keeping the waist circumference the same. Since the brand was launched onto the Welsh market, Jordan has received excellent feedback from Cardiff Blues players including Seb Davies, Josh Navidi and Lloyd Williams who have all tried and tested the Stridez shorts.

And there are many more markets for the Stridez shorts than rugby players.  Men who work out regularly in the gym, particularly those who focus on leg work, would benefit hugely from these shorts, which can double up as sports as well as swim shorts.

What’s more, many dancers, particularly those who train in ballet, also develop larger thigh muscles whilst maintaining a slim waist.  And these Stridez shorts are perfect for training sessions as well as swimming or other sports activities.

Activemen Clothing

At Activemen clothing we are pleased to stock the Stridez shorts in a choice of three colours (Blue Surf, Jet Black and Pink Sands) and in small, medium and large sizes.  And we are very much looking forward to seeing which products Jordan brings out next to accommodate men with large quads.

Stridez shorts

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