How To Avoid Buying Fakes: Gay Men's Underwear & Counterfeit Sellers

How To Avoid Buying Fakes: Gay Men's Underwear & Counterfeit Sellers

I'm sure you all know that there is a huge market for counterfeit products, particularly when it comes to high-end items such as clothes, bags, shoes & even make-up.. but did you know this is also a problem when it comes to buying your jockstraps?

Unfortunately, almost anything is copyable as many unhappy chaps have found out when they've received their order from sellers, listing incredibly cheap products on platforms such as Ebay, Amazon, Etsy and even their own websites.

Many unsuspecting guys like yourself are trawling the internet trying to find the best deal on a sexy CODE 22 jockstrap, or a cheeky Bluebuck brief, and of course - naturally, they're drawn to the extremely cheap price these counterfeit-cowboys are displaying. 

Upon receiving the products, many customers then realise they've been duped. Majority of the products you receive have been made cheaply, and very poorly, in a Chinese-based factory. The product you'd hoped for is unlikely what you'll receive, customers have reported receiving products that are far too small (due to China's different measurements), the wrong colour, coming apart at the seams, or just completely different to the sexy number they thought they'd ordered.

So how do you make sure the supplier is an authorised and genuine stockist of these big brands? Follow our tips below to make sure the next time you order a sexy CODE 22 jockstrap, that's what you receive:

1 - If it looks too good to be true, it probably is:

Due to the extremely poor materials used, costs are low - meaning they can bring these products to the market at a very small price and still make a profit. We all love a bargain, but if somebody is selling you a CODE 22 jockstrap for £4 - its highly unlikely its made by CODE 22.

2 - Check the brand's website:

Genuine stockists are usually listed somewhere on the brand's website. Similarly, some brands have a warning on their website advising customers to be vigilant and to avoid websites and marketplaces. Bjorn Borg, CODE 22 and Bluebuck underwear do this (to name a few).

3 - Stay alert:

These operations are sometimes extremely sophisticated, leaving the customer unsuspecting. Its important to look for little details such as shipping times (China takes 2 weeks+ to deliver to the UK), spelling mistakes, extremely low-cost pricing etc. 

There are many great UK Based suppliers of gay men's underwear to choose from, genuine company's that stock legitimate products, like us. You can buy from us with the peace of mind that the product you'll receive is exactly what you wanted.  

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