Here’s the gym kit you need to keep you motivated as the weather gets cooler

Here’s the gym kit you need to keep you motivated as the weather gets cooler

The weather is getting worse, the days getting shorter, and motivation to work out is almost extinct. BUT…before you actually give up to start again in 2019, give yourself the kick you need to get going again by treating yourself to some new gym wear.

Everyone knows if you don’t look good - you don’t feel good, and vice versa. Small changes can make a big difference, so before that vicious cycle kicks in take a look at that old gym kit and ask yourself honestly if it needs an upgrade.

Our top tip to looking and feeling great is to keep things muted - pastels and dark colours. They’ll all match so you can mix up what you’re wearing. Here are our must haves this autumn:

  1. Get new tops.

Stop working out in old (and probably holey) All Saints t-shirts you’ve demoted from last years nights out and get something that’s going to make you look and feel great - I promise you, it makes the biggest difference!

This Pursue Fitness vest is great for upper body gym days.

Physiq Vest

And this from Physiq when you want to cover up a bit more!

Physiq T-Shirt

Get something for all weathers so there’s no excuse if the sun is out, or the wind is blowing. Bjorn Borg’s half slip polo is great for an early morning run.

Bjorn Borg Top

  1. The same goes for shorts and joggers

One pair of each should be fine - mix and match with your new tops and you’ll have plenty of new looks.

The four way stretch fabric in Rhone’s shorts mean they look fitted but still have plenty of movement when you’re working your legs.

Rhone Shorts

Get some Physiq Apparel joggers for those smaller muscle gym days where you need to keep warm.

Physiq Joggers

  1. And don’t forget trainers

We’re all guilty of wearing our runners to the gym, but they’re (by definition) meant to be used for running. Over cushioned trainers will throw you off balance meaning you can’t generate enough power - and under cushioned can cause pressure on the joints.

Our favourite right now are Nike’s Metcon Flyknit 2 - super comfortable, subtle and supportive when you need it.

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