An interview with NIT Barcelona

An interview with NIT Barcelona

When did NIT first start out and what motivated you to start the brand?

NIT started out 6 years ago to satisfy a hot swimwear hungry public who couldn’t find their perfect pair - they’re for a man who demands high quality and excellent design.

Who is your customer and why do they choose to buy from you over other brands?

The guys buying from us value a quality pair of swimmers. They appreciate a bold and different design that you cannot get elsewhere - they’re seeking to get away from the established norms, looking for colours, prints, fresh and fun textures. Our customers also love that the product is designed and manufactured in Spain - a country well known for its pool lifestyle.

How do you ensure your swimwear stays fun and appeals to the modern man?

For me, a modern man is an open-minded, tolerant man with great horizons. I would define him more as a man who likes to go one step further with a style of his own. Being “trendy” and creating his own brand, it’s not about being extravagant or flashy.

All our designs are based on the most in colours of the moment - with the most minimalist of finishes and made with the most resistant fabrics to ensure they last. This doesn’t mean we aren’t fun though - I’d say our most daring tendency is our philosophy, and that shows through our fresh and bold choices of prints and colours.

Every man wants to look good around the pool. What are your top tips for buying the perfect pair?

My first piece of advice would be make sure they’re comfortable! You’re never more yourself than when you can be comfortable - and that’s essential to being and feeling beautiful.

Secondly - be daring with your colour choice. Most of the time we have a favourite colour that we always go for (navy blue is mine). But when we step outside of our norm and try something new we can discover new aspects of our shape and personalities.

Apart from amazingly hot swimwear, what does NIT aim to bring to their customers?

Our main goal is to help our clients feel themselves. Let them see their sexiest side, that they value their potential and look as beautiful as we see them. We want our guys to feel as powerful and captivating as they really are, and to let all this happen with our amazing styles and designs

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