5 Things To Do In January When You're On A Budget

5 Things To Do In January When You're On A Budget

New year, same old you. Let’s save us all a bit of time and not pretend this is the year that you finally make those total lifestyle changes. Life is good, and making micro shifts is much more realistic and ultimately more satisfying, as you hit goals along the way - helping you to keep your motivation, tick a box, and strive to hit the next target.

One thing is for sure in the New Year, is that the funds will be running dry. Christmas presents, festivities and extra time off work to spend your money, all deplete the bank account pretty quickly; not to mention the additional charges placed on the credit card.

With all that in mind we at Activemen Clothing have put our considerable heads together and come up with some lifestyle tips and things that you can do this January that don’t cost any money, or minimal expenditure at best. Spoiler - not Netflix recommendations, you can all work that one out for yourself.

Take A Hike

Not literally, but wherever you may be in the UK, or even the world, there will be a mountain, lake, trail, river or track within a reasonable distance that you can hike.

With the additional calories totted up over the festive period, your pants will be even tighter than your budget. Walking and hiking helps get the body moving, allows you to see some beautiful sights, while burning calories and not paying the gym fees (which are stupidly crowded in January and February anyways).


Did you get any books for Christmas, did you get an amazon voucher, or is one of your new year's resolutions to read more? Well, then guess what our advice is? Yes, read more.

Reading is one of those things that are put off, time after time; but when you finally read that must have book, you wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. Fact or Fiction, Classic or Contemporary - there is book out there for everyone.

If you haven’t read much before, or struggle for motivation - then read a book about a film you have enjoyed watching. Trust me, the book will be better, and you can thank us later.

It may be hard to first pick up a book, but once you do, you find it’s even harder to put it back down,


Like that new puppy you unwrapped, soup kitchens are not just for Christmas, with the homeless and other disadvantage people suffering the same situation all year round.

You can put your current skills to good use or you can learn a new skill or just muck in with other volunteers. With many organisations just needing extra sets of hands, as opposed to specialist skill sets.

It goes without saying that helping other people will make you feel good about yourself. The crux of giving is to help others, but this isn't to stop you feeling good too and making friends along the way.

Garage/Jumble Sale

Instead of spending money; why not make it. Regifting presents has its place when you don’t have the receipt, but you can also put these goods on sale. Along with other items and pieces clogging up your attic and/or spare room, you may surprise yourself of what trash you’ll find that can be other peoples treasure.

The interaction, planning and bartering aspect of a jumble sale is a lot of fun and what’s to stop you making it a regular thing.

Get Out To A Museum

How many of us, when on holiday or weekend trips will make the effort to explore the cities and go to certain museums?

Now compare that to how many of you have been to the museum in your home city? We’ll wager it is pretty low. Museums are fascinating wherever they are, and as such we tend to take for granted our own hotspots.

Learning more about the history, tradition and idiosyncrasies of your own town can be very fulfilling and in-still a sense of pride of your background.

Adding to that, most museums are free or at most have a very low cover charge. Meaning the only thing it will cost you, is your time. Time well spent we may add.

There are lots of things to do without having much money, and some can be more fun than activities where you have to pay.

One good tip is to open trip advisor for your hometown. Looking at the top ten things to do can throw up some great ideas, things to do and places to visit.


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