RHUX ENIIX Sunga Swimming Briefs Men's Trunks Swimwear Striped Geometric Design Blue and Navy

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 "Sunga" is Brazilian Portuguese for "Speedo", except these ridiculously comfortable ball jackets are a hybrid between shorts and speedos, represent freedom to the core, and are the brain-child of a former Navy SEAL who fell in love with sungas after his travels throughout Brazil.

 RHUX is not Brazilian, but Colombian. Activemen Clothing has worked closely with the brand to provide a market for RHUX outside its domestic market. With WhatsApp and google translation, along with the help of a shipping agent from Caerphilly, we managed to have some designs made and shipped for Activemen Clothing to sell and sell exclusively in the European market.

Colour : Blue

Material : polyester 80% and 20% lycra

Sunga ENIIX - 11cm hip length or better put, wide speedo.  Geometric styling.

inches 28-32 32-35
cm 71-81 81-88

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