RHONE SilverTech No Show Socks

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The no-show socks have been done and redone - countless times with mixed results. Some are loose around the foot, others are too small and slip off your heel causing painful blisters. Nylon and XT2 silver fibres are knit into the seams to retain shape and fit.  Additionally, there’s a silicone pad on the heel that grips your foot and prevents slippage and blisters. Our legal department says we can’t call them perfect, but we are throwing caution to the wind and we declare them damn near close-to-perfect.  

Colour : Drizzle/Rosso

 Activemen currently sell Rhone products cheaper than Rhone UK do. The prices will need to rise to come into line with the brands pricing in the UK so buy now before prices rise!

Fabric Content: 87% Nylon Tactel, 10% XT2, 3% Spandex

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